With the global reach of the Boeing Business Jet, multi-country and complex missions are very typical. Many of these flights require operating under foreign regulations that add a level of complexity to the operation that goes well beyond the normal flight planning requirements. Each flight requires input and oversight by multiple teams, organizations, and government agencies.

Silver Air takes a team approach to the flight planning process, starting with our internal Flight Support team coordinating logistics with local airports and aviation agencies. The flight crews, cabin staff, and our in-house safety committee work closely together during the flight planning process, and often, we bring in expert international handling and trip support partners that specialize in operations throughout the world.



Pilots and flight attendants that crew the BBJ are a specialized group of professional aviators. Not only do they need to possess the skills and background to operate an aircraft normally used by large airlines, but they also need to have years of experience operating within the corporate aviation environment that is always changing and very dynamic.

Silver Air has a special team of aviators that are dedicated to the BBJ fleet and specialize in large cabin global operations.



Safety and security are the most important and critical considerations for any aircraft operation, but the Boeing Business Jet requires extra layers of diligence by the operator. Due to the global operating environment, the aircraft size, and the high-profile status of passengers, the operator must adhere to the strictest of safety and security standards.

Silver Air operates under one of the most comprehensive safety and security programs in the industry. Our safety program calls for a team approach, where departments and flight crew members have a say in safety. Our maintenance department, flight dispatch, flight department heads, and aviators all work in unison every day to ensure all safety variables are considered and addressed for every mission. We also have overlapping layers of safety built into our operations such as an SMS (Safety Management System) program and continuous third-party audits. Silver Air is proud to hold the ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Wingman Status, and IS/BAO stage 2 compliance. These systems work as a backstop to our already industry-leading safety program.

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